Yuri Vámos
Scene photo Romeo and Juliet 1
© Eduard Straub
Scene photo Romeo and Juliet 2
© Eduard Straub
Scene photo Romeo and Juliet 3
© Eduard Straub

Romeo and Juliet

Ballet by Youri Vámos nach William Shakespeare
Music by Sergej Prokofjew (1891-1953)
Choreographical assistance: Joyce Cuoco
Stage and costumes: Michael Scott
Lightdesign: Klaus Gärditz
Duration: 2 hours

World premiere 1999 Deutsche Oper Berlin

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet may safely be called the most famous pair of lovers in the history of theatre. Their innocent love causes the outbreak of a pitiless family feud which ends in catastrophe.

In 1997 this popular ballet subject was the first work of Youri Vámos for the company of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. Prokofiev's music inspired him to detach the story of Romeo and Juliet from the Italian Renaissance and to transfer it to the Twenties of the last century, the time at which Prokofiev wrote his ballet score.

The gusto and humanity of the characters, humour, brio and tension dominate the production. But the deeply felt and moving love scenes have also contributed to making the performance one of the most prominent successes of the ballet company of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein.

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Press reviews

Vamos tells the story with operatically drastic vitality, and attempts to create brilliant dance theatre in the public scenes, reserving poignant, restrained moments for the lovers.

Aachener Nachrichten

As far as dancing is concerned, there is everything one could wish for... That among the dancers in the leading parts Marina Antonova exceeds her partner Guy Albouy is not due to his weakness but to her strength. Antonova, masterly as well as expressive, passionate as well as sensitive, is the perfect leading figure in a performance with which the choreographer Youri Vámos has definetely been accepted in Düsseldorf.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Vamos' telling of the story is exciting like a scenes from a swiftly cut film. All in all a great success.

Stuttgarter Zeitung

Choreographer Vámos lights fireworks of new movement elements with briskness and imagination on a classical basis. (...) The recent past permits of topicality in a reflective interpretation of «Romeo and Juliet«. Supple flow, physical drive and contemplative moments enable clear comprehension. Vámos enchants optically and convinces through intelligent dramaturgy.

Abendzeitung München

Youri Vámos has retold the story of the lovers in vigorous, tensely packed but also harmonious images. At the final curtain there was tempestuous applause and cheering for a performance which set standards.

Der Spiegel

The work, choreographed and directed by Youri Vámos, was staged in Shanghai yesterday and was the highlight of the third Shanghai International Arts Festival. «The most touching part of this version is the choreographers' employment of settings and movement from ordinary life,” said Ou Jianping, a professor at the Dance Research Institute of China National Arts Academy. This work does not use the formulaic classical ballet language, but modern ballet movements with their blend of tension and relaxation in rhythm.

China Daily