Yuri Vámos
Szenenbild Shannon Rose – An Irish Love Affair 1
© Eduard Straub
Szenenbild Shannon Rose – An Irish Love Affair 2
© Eduard Straub
Szenenbild Shannon Rose – An Irish Love Affair 3
© Eduard Straub
Szenenbild Shannon Rose – An Irish Love Affair 4
© Eduard Straub

Shannon Rose – An Irish Love Affair

Ballet by Youri Vámos
Music by Jean Sibelius (1865–1936)
Choreographical assistance: Joyce Cuoco
Stage and costumes: Michael Scott
Lightdesign: Klaus Gärditz
Duration: 2 hours

World Premiere 1996 Bayrische Staatsoper München

In his ballet "Shannon Rose" Youri Vámos tells a turbulent love story to which the bloody British–Irish armed conflicts at the beginning of this century form the background. Unlike the villagers who completely abandon themselves to their hatred of the English occupants, Rose, the young daughter of an inn keeper, dreams of great and private personal happiness. First she transfers all her longing on the village teacher, an elderly gentleman who she has been attached to in friendship since the days of her childhood. The unmatching couple gets married, but already their wedding night proves to be far from what she has been dreaming of. Then a new officer appears in the village, and the two fall desperately in love with each other...

For his ballet Youri Vámos combined several compositions of the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, among them such well-known works as "Valse Triste" for Rose's wedding night. As a result, the different pieces become a unity bringing together the rugged natural scenery of Ireland with the dramatic tension of the ballet.

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Press reviews

Joyce Cuoco is as passionate as she is yielding in the role of Rose who blossoms in the erotic pas de deux with the virtuoso Guy Albouy as the Officer.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

...the strength of the piece lies in its great musicality and its ability to clearly portray through poignant gestures, images and situations not merely physical and emotional states but also social and political circumstances. Much applause and ovations from the public at the premiere.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung